HOA Dues


Assessments are due by 12/31 of the year prior to the fiscal and calendar year of the assessment.
Princeton Heights Homeowners Association fiscal year runs from 1/1 - 12/31. 
Current Fiscal Year Assessment Instant Checkout Portal
2024 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2022 is $310   (Click to pay online without an invoice)
If you need a current invoice or have an questions about your lot please email:
You will receive a separate invoice for each assessment year.  
Assessments may be paid online via the custom payment portal printed on each invoice.
We do not offer payment plans for current or past due invoices.
You may pay any invoice in full using a credit card and make payments to the credit card company.
There are no additional fees for online payments made by credit card or electronic check.
Partial payments will be credited to the invoice on which the payment is made (or the oldest invoice if no invoice number is specified) but you will still be subject to liens, interest, and any other fees necessary for collections.
Assessments may also be paid by mailing a check payable to:
Princeton Heights Homeowners Association
1117 SE Monterey Dr.
Lee's Summit, MO 64081
Please include your name, street address, and lot or invoice number on your payment.
Prior Fiscal Year Assessments
2023 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2022 is $300
2022 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2021 is $280
2021 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2020 is $260
2020 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2019 is $240
2019 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2018 is $220
2018 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2017 is $200
2017 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2016 is $200
2016 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2015 is $200
2015 Annual Assessment due date 12/31/2014 is $200
We do not offer payment plans.
You may pay in full using a credit card and make payments to the credit card company.
Past due assessments are subject to: 
  • $150 lien fee
  • 1% interest compounded monthly
  • lien
  • collections
  • foreclosure